IG has made a security update on July 6th. Now, most accounts trigger a "suspicious login attempt" when logged in via username:password. Accounts with emails (with POP/IMAP) should reach the store on 22nd-25th of July and will be restocked daily. As for username:password accounts - they need to be accessed via cookies. The current format is for SuSocial/Jarvee but I can provide format for IAM too. If you need a custom cookie format, let me know. If you login to the accounts manually and do not want to waste time on email verifications/cannot use cookies then I am still looking for a solution. I have a few things in mind that are currently being tested.

Terms of Service


The buyer is entitled to a 24-hour maximum warranty depending on the purchased account. If within this time frame of making the purchase, the account is found to be invalid, the buyer may file a claim for a replacement, subject to the conditions outlined in this TOS.

Proof of Issue: In order to file a claim for a refund or replacement, the buyer must provide clear evidence of the issue.

Refunds We do not offer any refunds, however, our team will help provide a fix with either replacement or credit.

Reviews Leaving a 3 or below-star review will void any warranty available.

Claims Process: The buyer must submit a written description of the problem to our customer support within the time-framed period. Our team will review the claim and, if deemed valid, will issue a replacement account at our discretion.

Account Usage: The buyer agrees to use the purchased account responsibly and follow all applicable laws and regulations. The buyer is solely responsible for any actions taken on the account after the purchase.

Limitation of Liability: Our store is not responsible for any damages, losses, or consequences resulting from the use or misuse of the purchased account. The buyer assumes all risks associated with the use of the account.

Amendments to TOS: We reserve the right to update or modify these Terms of Service without prior notice. The buyer is responsible for regularly reviewing the TOS for any changes.

By purchasing from our store, the buyer agrees to abide by these Terms of Service.


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