IG has made a security update on July 6th. Now, most accounts trigger a "suspicious login attempt" when logged in via username:password. Accounts with emails (with POP/IMAP) should reach the store on 22nd-25th of July and will be restocked daily. As for username:password accounts - they need to be accessed via cookies. The current format is for SuSocial/Jarvee but I can provide format for IAM too. If you need a custom cookie format, let me know. If you login to the accounts manually and do not want to waste time on email verifications/cannot use cookies then I am still looking for a solution. I have a few things in mind that are currently being tested.

Do you offer guidance on how to automate the accounts?

No, the service is solely about providing accounts.

Which proxies should I use?

We suggest high quality 4G/5G/Residential proxies to be used. Keep in mind that even mobile proxies can get blacklisted for a few days if the subnet was spammed enough.

I tried logging in but the account got suspended/trigerred Captcha. What should I do?

Accounts, which are available in the store, are not afraid of purges. If you encounter an error when logging in, please, change the proxies and you should log in successfully. If that does not help, please contact us.

I am interested in bulk orders. Do you offer extra discounts?

Yes. Contact us and let us know which type and how many you need. We can prepare a private link for you and make the accounts in the required quantities.

When I try to login, I get "Invalid password" error

Please change the proxy provider. This is an error that many bots show when the IP is blacklisted. If, after changing the proxy, you still cannot log in, contact us.


An error occured while trying to access one of your resources